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Postdoc in the DiCarlo Lab

Postdoc in the DiCarlo Lab

Dec 1, 2011

Today I’m starting a postdoctoral research position in the DiCarlo Lab at MIT. I’m hoping to provide some computational approaches to building models and testing them against neurophysiological data of object and face recognition.

Video of Talk at Dartmouth

Video of Talk at Dartmouth

Oct 25, 2011

The Neural Computation workshop organizers did a great job of creating and making videos of the talks available. You can find the videos here: all videos. And here’s the video of my talk embedded:

Arrival at IHES!

Arrival at IHES!

Sep 28, 2011

We’ve arrived at the Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques outside of Paris, France. I’ll be working with Stéphane Mallat on learning signal representations. Looking forward to it!

Speaking at the Neural Computation Workshop at Dartmouth

Apr 18, 2011

I’ll be speaking at the workshop on Neural Computation: Population Coding of High-Level Representations hosted by Jim Haxby, Hany Farid, and Peter Tse of Dartmouth. Here’s the workshop website: website

Neuroscience Area Chair @ NIPS this year

Mar 11, 2011

This year I’m serving as a neuroscience Area Chair for NIPS. I’m looking forward to helping with the conference!

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